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Hey guys [Nov. 6th, 2011|08:43 pm]
Hey guys i need some Major help.. My sister won a contest over the summer to get the chance to open up for Rascall Flatts. So it's all online votes.. If u can and have a facebook.. Can you please go to Chartbuster Karaoke. Like there fb page. Then go to Flatts Fest.. vote for Danielle Lukas. you can also listen to her sing. U can vote everyday in november. but if u vote at 10am u have to wait till 10am the next day. Can't do it earlier. U can also tell you're friends about it. If she wins she gets to open up for Rascall Flatts 2012 tour which would be soo amazing for her.. It only takes 5 seconds to do.. U can also find her on youtube if u want to listen to some of her music. My name is Lindsay Lukas i have links of her singing on my fb to.. she really is amazing and i need some support for her..:) thank u everyone that can do this!!
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I'll just let it get out in the open [Jan. 3rd, 2006|01:36 am]
[Current Mood |boredbored]
[Current Music |lessons learned]

Well for real everyone I have so much stupid bullshit going on in my life and i'm just sick of it..I'm sick of dealing with it..And i'm sick of pretending that i care about things when i don't..So i'm just going to get all this shit off my best even though i've said it a million times..It seems to not go through anyones head..

Autumn..I don't care about the friendship anymore..I brought u back into living at my house and once again i get fucked it truly feels like you have used my family and me from the get go..I'm done dealing with shit that i don't have to deal with that means the friendship..I am better off with out you in my life..I don't have to worry about you or ur business..I don't have to walk around with a back bone to everyone because it's not fair..I'm sick of you bullshitting to my face that you don't talk shit about me when my own family says you do..Come on now..it does not get more clear then that..I don't care about what you're going through or who ur going through it with.I don't care anymore..Because like i've said a million times i'm better off with out you in my life.. This is not supposed to be gold hearted but i know it's coming off that way because i've heard the last part of gossip from other people..At least u know what i say, i don't hold back anymore..Because i don't give a fuck.. First..Let me tell you this..Ashley will always be my best friend, she don't talk shit about me, were on the same page when it comes to guys, she don't play games with other people and make it a mission to hurt everyone in there life, and she's real..Second..You have no room to talk shit about my boyfriend and the way he looks because honestly..Ur shallow and u have no clue of what true love is when u can only look at someone for what they have and not a heart.. So please step the fuck off ur little world and realize i'm not u i don't care what u say about my boyfriend and to be prefectly honest i don't give a fuck what u say about me anymore.. Get over urself..Third.. I really wish that you would see you're self with the way people see you like i might have meat on me..And i might be a bitch to certain people ..But deep down i have a good heart and i let people like u fuck me over time and time again..Let me go on..My dad and my mom have been there for u for how many years letting you live under there house for free and what do you do..Consantly hurt them..I don't care anymore..I wish u would just move out and leave me and my family alone ..Yea it's coming off real mean now but ..You want to blow my shit out..you want to punch me in the face u tell Justin shit about things that arent even true..Ur a miserable person and ur trying to make my life as miserable as yours and u almost made it happen then i realized ..That I'M NOT GOING TO LET U.. I'm not going to let u hurt me because thats what u want..U want to hurt me so u can win..Well sorry hun it's just not going to happen...


If you have not realized Autumn it's not tom that scares people away it's you..Because u dont' know what u want you don't know how to treat people you act like someones ur best friend..and then u just talk shit about them..And..Best friends don't do that..best friends don't do what u have done 2 me..and even what i've done to you..I can't take ur bullshit anymore..I can't take u hurting me anymore..and i can't take ur lies anymore..I'm done with u i'm writing u off right now..Like i told u last night..When i say fuck u now..I mean it..and guess what i'm saying Fuck u..


I'm not saying i'm sorry for this cause i'm not..I'm not being fake with u anymore because i don't care ..I'm not talking shit anymore about u because i'm lowering myself like u..I'm not u.And i don't want to be I have a great family that loves me..and a boyfriend that would die for me..and friensd that don't talk shit about me..So have a real nice life because i'm done!!


Oh yea next time..Thanks for cutting my head out of are picture ..Best friends.Ha ..what a fucking joke!!



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freinds cut. [May. 12th, 2005|04:16 pm]

Well I told everyone that a freinds cut would be inline soon..I was sittin on my comp, thinking really who do i want to take off at one point i thought about taking everyone off and the people that wanted to come back would ask..but i decided..maybe later..So this is my list..why i cut you really does not matter does it..?? no.so this is my list..I guess..if u really want to be on..then go 2 my friends only page and tell me why and i will consider it!! Lindsay..sorry!

  1. disoriented
  2. __gofuckoff
  3. cinnam0nheart
  4. moviesforme316
  5. starlet_x
  6. ___erasable
  7. blxsh
  8. americanidiot26
  9. dahoney
  10. dancelikeuwanna
  11. ___rustic

Friends cut [Mar. 8th, 2005|11:24 pm]
[Current Mood |bitchybitchy]
[Current Music |locked up]

This is my fist friends cut..There are many reasons I cut you..I don't have to explain myself..I will be doing another one and I will be cutting a lot of people..I'm in a bad mood and this was the perfect time..i dont want comments asking why..i cut u because i just don't want you on my friends list..Make you feel better or I cut you because..You're journal or you're life just did not interest me..Or the last one you never updated or you never commented..Thats it..you pick the one u think is best for u and leave me alone!! All right..thats that..


have a nice night!!


Friends only [May. 17th, 2004|04:26 pm]
[Current Mood |annoyedannoyed]

WoW, you actually thought you were going to get in my life with out me knowing. You must be kidding yourself. My Journal is nothing more then mine. It's sometimes public it's sometimes friends only. This is because...

  • I might be talking about someone
  • I want to know whos reading my journal
  • I don't want my family reading it
  • Just because it's my journal.

Now after all this go ahead and add me..I might just add you back..


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